Mmmm. We love cookies. Unfortunately we’re not talking about those types of cookies here. This is about cookies as you use the internet, which are mainly used to help websites to function properly and allow people operating websites to do that intelligently. In their infinite wisdom the legislators in the EU decided that we needed some laws on this, but we guess they need to keep themselves busy somehow. And if you’re reading this we give you respect for being happy to consume something so dull. Anyway, here goes……Enjoy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your browser. They allow information about your visit to be recorded, and enable websites to recognise a user (anonymously) based on the information stored in the cookie.

Cookies can either be 'session' based, where they are deleted after each visit (and are generally used in order for the site to operate), or 'persistent', where the cookies last for a longer, defined period.

Cookies can either be 'first party', which means they are set by the owner of the website you're on (ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS in this instance), or 'third party' where they are set by a third party service provider whose service is being used as part of the website you're on.

What information is collected and how do cookies work?

No personal information is collected in the cookies we use, so this information is anonymous, and cookies don't harm your computer (they’re not software or anything like that). If you'd like to learn more about cookies and how they operate, a good site to visit is

How do we use cookies on ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS?

We use cookies to help the site function, to record your preferences, and to allow thing like account log-in to work. We also use cookies to provide us with information about how the site is being used so that we can see what’s happening, and so that we can use data to inform how we develop or change aspects of the site (so that’s using tools like Google Analytics).

What happens if cookies are blocked?

You are free to choose to block the cookies on our website and on other websites that you use. If you block cookies, this would prevent us from using cookies to store information about your visit to our site.

Blocking cookies can have an impact on the functionality and operation of the ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS website. So we wouldn't be able to record the fact that you've logged in to your account to manage your account and appointment info, and so you would need to log in again on every page that you visit within your account area.

And, if we're unable to measure how the website is being used, it makes it much harder to improve the way the site works – an essential part of operating a website today.

Your use of the site and how to control cookies

If you're not happy with the way we use cookies, then you should not use the site, or you should refer to a resource such as so that you can either delete any cookies or to change your browser settings so that you block cookies. Your browser's Help function should also show you how to do this.