About RPS

We are RockPamperScissors.co.uk, a UK blog about hairdressing and salons. Get your daily fix of fashion and style from us every day, sometimes even a couple of times a day if there’s something of merit to report.

We’re not trying to crack the whole of the country straight off – we’re starting in one city helping us to get it all right before we take the UK and the world by storm. So if you’re in Leeds you’re in luck! If you’re not in Leeds then have a play anyway, send us your feedback (there’s a form on the homepage).

If you’re in Leeds you can make appointment requests, and we’ll get back to you to confirm an appointment slot. Yep, it’s intentionally a bit manual at this stage, but the site should help you to find salons and services and then we’ll do some leg-work to confirm your appointment time with the salon. We’ll be automating this bit with live appointment bookings, so that’s coming. And we’ll be adding more salons as we go. So, we need your feedback! If you’re a user of the site or an interested salon, just go to the homepage and send us your comments through the form that’s at the bottom of the page (or click the feedback button in the footer on any page).