Why should NHS staff get discounts?

I recently posed this question on Mumsnet, even though I am not a mum (please don’t mention that on there or I will be crucified). There’s been a huge fuss lately over NHS staff, I have to say as a former NHS staff member myself I find it all a bit OTT.

But fine, if people want to partake in this hubris then it’s up to them.

What I object to is the specific discounts for NHS staff members. That’s right, I said it. Prepare to boycott my website and socials. Now there are websites like this NHS discount tracking website popping up offering NHS staff discounts (exclusively). Is it fair that everyone else has to pay more and effectively subsidise NHS staff that are buying Macbooks?

Why do other Britons have this love-in with NHS staff, why are they so highly valued compared to, say, firemen. Why does the man who keeps the sewage pumping not get a look in – why isn’t he considered to be a vital part of society too?

Don’t get me wrong, the NHS has its perks BUT we all pay for it in the form of taxes (well, if we have the temerity to work anyway…). Increasingly people seem to take the other option and not bother; but I digress.

And if you look at some of the statistics from other European countries – who also have similar free-at-point healthcare – you will soon realise that the NHS isn’t the envy of the world, far from it. It’s shockingly bad in a lot of league tables.

But you can’t mention that to anyone, they tend to get angry. I don’t understand the deification of NHS staff or the NHS in general – it’s okay, but it’s certainly not ‘holy’. And pages like this I don’t agree with.


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