ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS was born out of frustration. We can organise almost anything online these days, but why can’t we sort out what’s staring at us in the mirror? We’re fed up with having to call around to arrange haircuts, massages, nails or waxing. We’re fed up with having no online guide to where to get the best local rub down or snip job. We’re fed up with pink websites with flowers on them.

So, we decided to have a go at building something special ourselves. ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS aims to combine easy peasy salon booking with sexy pics of salons and of your do’s, giving all rock chicks and cool dudes the definitive app for all their grooming bookings. “Get #pamped or go home”, as no one is quite saying yet…

The story so far

We kicked off ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS in the fine city of Leeds, working with a rocking bunch of salons. We kept it simple to start and have been tweaking, adding and improving as we've been going, as we look to bring together local salons and the people searching for their next 'do' or bit of bit of beauty or grooming action.

Manchester came next, and now we're getting going in London. And we'll be adding lots more cities and towns as we go.

So just click into the search box and say what you want, tell us where you are (as long as it's in Leeds, Manchester or London right now!) and, boom, here's a list of local salons that are a match for you. Check them out and find the one that makes your heart sing. See service details and prices, check reviews, see promotions and offers, check out the place and the people, and get yourself booked in! Right now you just pay in-salon, but online payments is on it's way, so you'll be able to do either.

If you're in Leeds here are a bunch of links to get you started:

Hairdressers in Leeds

Hairdressers in Leeds city centre

Hairdressers in Headingley

Beauty salons in Leeds

Beauty salons in Headingley

If you're in Manchester, here's a link for you to get started:

Hairdressers in Manchester

And if you're in London, here's a link for you to get started:

Hairdressers in London

If you're somewhere else then just do a search for where you live and the type of services that you'd want to book online (look up - search boxes at the top of the page), and then just leave your details on the results page you get - we'll be sure to ping you when we're heading to your town!

And if you're a salon or a chain keen to get in touch and find out how we can work together, just head here to find out more. Or just click on the question mark (bottom right) and ping us a message.

So wherever you are we want to hear from you. Have a play on the site and let us know what you like and what you loathe. Write us a note telling us why we should hit your city next. Maybe just get in touch for a nice chat. Just click on the question mark (bottom right) and ping us a message. Go on. You know you want to.