How to REALLY Style your hair – without spending a penny!

Everyone gets it wrong, well not everyone actually, but most people. It’s how us in the trade tell the men from the boys, so to speak. Many individuals miss the point by including excessively twist or twist in the wrong places. It is essential to note where you need to include the wave. Twisting the hair at the finishes will make an exceptionally dated style. Focus on twisting the hair in the mid-lengths, giving it a ‘twist’ instead of a twist. When utilizing the iron or the tong, don’t twist the hair to the closures, forget them and simply complement the mid-lengths. Utilize hairspray for hold. Here we have utilized Outer Space Light and Flexible Hairspray by r+co. On the off chance that you are to be sure hoping to develop your hair, quick, at that point converse with us. We are a professionally prepared hair expansions salon in London and ready to take your call and style your hair now – although be aware bookings are suggested because we are so busy this time of year.

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