Three ways to get a Thicker Ponytail using Extensions

Thick Ponytail

The ponytail is such a versatile hair style. It’s quick, easy and is just as appropriate for the working environment as it is in more informal situations. Many people tend to avoid the humble ponytail because it’s never thick enough. So we’re going to show you three ways to thicken up that ponytail using a must-have hair accessory – hair extensions.

High Sleek Ponytail

  • Begin off with making a little pig tail at the crown of your head. This little pig tail will go about as a safe base for cut-out in the hair augmentations.
  • Take a 3 cut weft and begin cutting it in around the pig tail. Make certain to cut in as near the hair flexible as could be expected under the circumstances, so you will have space to cut in different wefts. The more tightly you cut these wefts in around the hair flexible, the more agreeable it will feel.
  • Keep on section 2 and 3 cut wefts in a similar way, around the pig tail that you’ve made.
  • For additional thickness, you can utilize 1 cut wefts and basically cut them onto the wefts that are as of now cut into your hair.
  • At that point, assemble all your hair into a high pig tail and ensure that it covers the wefts. This is the reason it was imperative to cut them in firmly – the littler the base, the less demanding it is to hide it.
  • Secure the pig tail with a barrette and smooth away any flyaways.
  • To complete off the look, take a hair strand and fold it over the base of your braid. Not exclusively will this conceal the hair flexible, yet will likewise give an extremely cleaned and extraordinary look.


Quick Messy Ponytail

  • This is most likely our most loved approach to wear hair expansions in a pig tail. The entire thought is to cut in the wefts a similar way that your hair would go in normally when placed up in a pig tail.
  • Isolate some hair at the front and clasp in a 2 cut weft as you ordinarily would. On the off chance that you need more volume in your braid, you can cut in two wefts in this area.
  • Isolate the hair mid-way and flip topsy turvy. Ensure you leave enough hair at the scruff of the neck to cover the wefts a while later.
  • Keep cutting in wefts, however this time topsy turvy. Along these lines, when you set up your hair in a high braid, the clasps won’t pull at your underlying foundations and will feel extremely good. This instructional exercise is an incredible visual precedent on the best way to do this procedure.
  • Take out arbitrary hair pieces and child hairs at the front to outline your face and get that muddled look going.
  • Pull at the highest point of your hair to relax up the pig tail.
  • Take irregular areas of the pig tail, and bother them. Here is a video instructional exercise on the most proficient method to get volume and bother your hair, in case you don’t know how to do it.
  • Utilize hairspray to set the look (we suggest a characteristic hairspray – read why in this post).
  • For additional surface, scrunch the hair upwards with your hand. There you have it – a fun and super perky pig tail hairdo!


Romantic Ponytail

  • For this haircut, you can either cut in a few wefts (3 and 4 cut wefts) or the full set for additional thickness.
  • Since this braid sits bring down on our head, cut in the wefts as you regularly would. Here is an instructional exercise on the most proficient method to cut in augmentations in case you don’t know how.
  • Maneuver up the hair into a low pig tail. Don’t hesitate to have your hair separated whichever way you like it on you.
  • Begin twisting your pig tail in delicate twists. Here we have an extraordinary gathering of recordings on various procedures of twisting hair – pick your top choice!
  • Brush out the twists for a delicate and sentimental look. Your hairdo is finished!


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