The Car Of My Dreams

This post is a bit of a personal one, but it’s meant to inspire you as much as I hope it did me.

So I set myself the equivalent for 2018, to attempt and spare another £10k with FIRE. I’m not exactly there yet, however I’m planning to hit it before the year’s over. Attempting to hit the 10k imprint every year has implied truly working my rear off, working nonstop and pressing in whatever number additional bits of work as could reasonably be expected (cosmetics occupations over extra ends of the week, and moving a large portion of my life on eBay!). Of course FIRE doesn’t allow for an AUDI normally but I am a special lady and it doesn’t count because I saved up for ages and didn’t buy any chocolates.

Be that as it may, I’m satisfied to state I did it, and will ideally be doing it once more.

When I hit the 10k imprint toward the finish of 2017, I was in the privilege monetary spot to take a piece of cash out to use towards a buy I’ve been needing to set aside a few minutes – another vehicle. Not a fresh out of the box new plate, yet at the same time another vehicle all the equivalent, and as a white Audi A1!

A guide to Tyre Health 🙂

The legitimate track allowed for your car in the UK is 1.6mm – that’s TINY! In wet climate, tyre track grooves help to expel water from the contact fix between your tires and the street surface significance your vehicle can brake, steer and quicken appropriately.

And according to this page, did you know that in Austria you are not allowed to drive without the correct winter tyres. That is shocking but I skidded the other day and I can understand it. CompareTyres is a useful resource by the way.

Without satisfactory track profundity your tires will most likely be unable to perform appropriately in wet conditions, diminishing your well being out and about. Drivers whose tyres neglect to consent to the basic track profundity prerequisites chance a fine of up to £2,500 and three points on your license focuses for each illicit tyire – so ensure this isn’t you!

Ensure you’re constantly mindful of where you can buy new tires from. For my zone, I glance around Staffordshire and I came across nothing but this.

  • Drivers should steer INTO the skid. Yes in to… NOT AWAY. So if the car’s rear wheels begin drifting to the left while making a right-hand turn, the driver should turn the wheel left.
  • Slamming on the brakes while driving too fast will cause the wheels to lock. Uh oh!.
  • Putting the car into neutral pedal will help slow it down and regain control for you.

Remember girlies, the cold icy weather is still to come thick and fast as February is the coldest month in the UK statistically – I know I was shocked too!!! WTF, so drive carefully and make sure your car is in the best driving condition possible.


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