Hair Care tips for Spring

Hair care tips for spring

Spring is nature’s time to rejuvenate. The warmer weather that comes in the spring is often considered ideal to improve the overall condition of your hair as well. Gone are the days of cold winds that cause your hair to dry up and frizz when you get out of that nice warm shower.  Spring is the perfect time of year to nourish your hair follicles and strands in order to give your hair health a quick boost for the year ahead.

Hot showers and central heating have taken it’s toll on your hair over the past few months, but it’s virtually impossible to survive the winter without them. This is why it’s all the more important to make the most out of the spring season. Spring will not only give you the chance to get frequent massages or to apply various hair masks, but you can always style your hair virtually any way that you wish to throughout the season. So let’s get to it, some great haircare tips you can quickly follow in order to embrace all of the advantages that the spring time has to offer.


Get a trim

When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, the gurus in the beauty industry recommend regular hair trims. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go out for a full-blown haircut. Just like keeping a lawn looking nice, it’s all about frequent, short trims. Having a trim is one of the safest ways to get rid of all those split ends, making your hair look fresher as well as thicker. It has also been proven that trimming your hair is effective in the case of breakage reduction and elimination of flyaway strands. Therefore it makes perfect sense to give your hair a quick trim before trying any other remedies.


Apply conditioner

Never ignore the power of hair conditioner. Virtually all brands have their own shampoo as well as conditioners – and there’s a good reason for that. There are thousands of conditioner products to choose from, and you can pick the one that suits you best according to your hair type. So why is conditioning necessary for healthy-looking hair? Conditioning your hair will prevent dry strands and bring back any moisture that is naturally lost from washing it. Using conditioner on a regular basis will make your hair look healthy and shiny – just as it should look.

Hair conditioner is best applied in small quantities, and just as needed depending on the thickness of your hair. The experts in the industry recommend not conditioning your hair more than twice per week unless your hair is particularly greasy, as your scalp needs to soak up the natural oil.


Avoid heat

The majority of tools that you can buy to blow dry or style your hair naturally produce a lot of heat. Hair straighteners and curlers can cause a lot of damage to your hair if they are not used sparingly. Whether or not you use a heat protector, if you use hot hair tools on a regular basis, then it will cause intense damage to your hair in the long run.


Opt for natural highlights

Spring is all about having fun, and what can be more fun than choosing a distinctive hair colour? You don’t have to go too dramatic – especially if you have a job to think about – but a subtle and random experiment with the shade of your hair can often produce wonderful results. Less artificial-looking colour on your hair will help it to appear sun-kissed in natural light.


Prepare for rain

Don’t forget that during the spring it rains a lot. You should therefore prepare for rain before leaving the house. The best way to prevent the frizz caused by humidity is to focus on the hairstyle that you have during those rainy days.

The best way to prevent damage to your hair during those rainy days, is to either tie your hair in a ponytail, go for a braided look or opt for a top bun. If you are unfortunate enough to get caught in the rain and get your hair wet, then it’s important to detangle it gently with a comb. This is the best way to prevent hair breakage.


Stimulate more growth

Whether you choose to believe it or not, exposing your hair to sunlight is actually perfectly safe. The majority of beauty and haircare gurus out there recommend stepping outside and into the sunshine so that your hair is exposed to it. This is thought to stimulate growth, which as we already know is the key to having healthy hair. Be sure to avoid overdoing it with the sunshine though, and always wear a hat before heading to the beach. Not only will a hat make you look more stylish but it will also protect your hair effectively.


Air dry your hair

A hairdryer will enable you to dry your hair very quickly. However, if you get the chance consider letting your hair dry naturally this spring. The experts in the haircare and beauty field suggest dabbing your hair lightly with towel before letting the natural air dry your hair. This technique will [revent the damage that commonly occurs when you try and comb through your wet hair. If you need to leave the house then you can always tie your hair into a bun until it dries out completely. This is a great way to achieve curls or waves in your hair without the need of using a hot tool.


Apply hair masks

Spring is the time of year for trying new things, so this year let a hair mask be one of those things. Hair masks are necessary in order to restore the dry and damaged hair follicles, bringing back its natural shine. Using a hair mask will help to treat scalp problems that often lead to dryness and itchiness. There are many different masks on the market that contain natural ingredients, so it’s just a case of finding the right one that will best suit your hair type.

You can prepare your own hair mask at home if you wish. There are plenty of home remedies that can strengthen your hair effectively. You don’t need to apply hair masks daily, as experts suggest that nourishing your hair with a mask once per week is more than sufficient.


Get rid of the frizz

The increased humidity in the spring following the colder weather in winter is the main contributing factor to frizzy hair that looks unkempt and unattractive. Even on the sunnier days, you may have encountered flyaway hairs. This is extremely irritating, but can be overcome by using an anti-frizz serum. Just apply the serum to damp hair, and it will seal in the moisture and smoothen the cuticles of the hair, focusing on mid to top of your hair strands.

As with most things hair care, try not to avoid using an anti-frizz serum too often, as this can cause your hair to look greasy. If frizzy hair is a major problem for you, then you can find various anti-humidity sprays out there. All you have to do with those is spray on dry hair along the roots and it will immediately give your hair a fresh look. A more natural way to fight the frizz ia to regularly apply coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only thought to keep your hair looking and feeling soft and gentle, but it is also thought to stimulate growth as well.

Your hair is one of the main things that you have to enhance your own personality. This is the why all of the beauty experts out there encourage you to pay extra attention to it, and not ignore it. Using the above tips will hopefully help you to improve th overall condition of your hair in a relatively short space of time.

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