My AUDI was stolen!

So after posting about my journey to afford an AUDI A1 on the website (part of my personal blog posts section), it would seem that you should always be grateful what you wish for, because at the weekend I noticed that my beloved little car had been stolen. I don’t mean stolen off my drive or stolen from me, I actually mean I bought it stolen. I didn’t realise of course, that the unscrupulous dealer wouldn’t tell me this?!

There was a knock at the door and the policeman said that they had reasonable to believe my car was pinched, I obviously could not believe it.

Now apparently I am unlucky because only about 40% of stolen cars are returned to their owners, according to the Freecarcheck website.

I had been advised to claim on my own car insurance, but this process will take time. I have not even been offered a courtesy car to replace my poor A1. Of course I am happy -if you can call it that- that the car has been returned to its rightful owner, and I don’t know the circumstances as to how it was stolen or the statistics on thefts in the UK (you can view them here), but I am also very angry right now.


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